Clara Barton Facts – Her Contribution to History and More

On the 5th of December, 1821, Clara Burton was born. This happened in Oxford, Massachusetts. She turned out to be a teacher. She also worked in the Patent Office of the United States. There was also a time in her life when she served as an independent nurse. This transpired during the Civil War. These are just some of the well-known Clara Burton facts. There are still many note-worthy achievements Burton attained.

She visited Europe. As that happened, she became a part of a particular relief organization. This is dubbed as the International Red Cross. This was also lobbied for an American branch when she was about to go back home. In the year 1881, the American Red Cross was discovered and founded. This was also the point when she served as the very first president of the given organization.

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Clara’s Earlier Days and More

As mentioned above, Clara worked not just a founder, but also a nurse and educator. She did this for the American Red Cross. Clara, when she was born, was given the full name Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She saw the light of the earn on the 25th of December, 1821. This occurred in Massachusetts. During her life, Barton had to spend it in service for other people. Indeed, she was known best for her charity works and undertakings. This was also the period when she initiated the creation of a particular organization. This is meant to be of help to people who need assistance and the like. This is now the popular American Red Cross.

She was used to be a really shy child. She got to find her calling when she tended with David, her brother, right after an accident. With this, Barter found another outlet to his desire. She was just a teenager during these times. At the age of 15, she became a teacher. She even opened a public school situated in New Jersey. This was the time when she had to move to Washington, DC in order to work in the U.S Patent Office. She was perceived as a clerk during these times in that of the mid-1850’s.

As the Civil War took its course, Clara was present to lend a helping hand to soldiers. She did this in her outmost ability. During the start, she distributed and even collected supplies all originating from the Union Army. She was not really contented on just sitting on the sidelines. She would not settle for this. Barton even became an independent nurse. Combat was seen here and it was directed in Fredericksburg in Virginia in the year 1862. She really took care of the soldiers. These were wounded. With all of these endeavors, she was given the nickname “the angel of the battlefield.” This was came up for her work.

The war ended in 1865. This was the instance when Barton had to work in the War Department. She was tasked to help missing soldiers so that they would again be reunited with their families.