Selena Gomez’s Wardrobe Malfunction is Something that Happens to Her All the Time

Selena Gomez might not be that risky when it comes to her fashion choices, but she has always been a victim of wardrobe malfunction. It happened to her several times throughout her career. Whether it was for a stage performance or just a red carpet appearance, she seemed to have always been in trouble. Selena Gomez’s wardrobe malfunction didn’t stop her though from looking radiant. She even powered through her performances despite the awkward situation.

The slit in Selena’s dress was a bit too high that she ended up showing what was supposed to be hidden.

In a 2013 London concert, Selena suffered from more than one wardrobe malfunction. There were several awkward moments.

Perhaps, the length of her shorts and her failure to practice wearing them during the rehearsal caused the wardrobe malfunction.

It is quite unfortunate that Selena had to suffer from wardrobe malfunction several times. The extra high slit is usually to be blamed.

Selena was once again flashing as she walked down a building. Her blue undergarment was showing due to the angle in which the photo was taken.

This dress is problematic not just because of the slit in the bottom part, but also the plunging neckline. She had to cover her breasts several times.

In several instances, Selena had to power through with her performance despite the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

During the Paris Fashion Week, Selena once again suffered from wardrobe malfunction. It seems like this problem keeps following her.

This was a very risky dress since it could easily expose private body parts. Apparently, she did in this sheer black dress.

Considering the number of times she has suffered from wardrobe malfunction, it seems like she no longer cares.

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos Have Meanings and are a Reflection of His Journey

Without a doubt, Justin Bieber is already an icon. From his sheer talent to his good lucks, the Biebs has a lot to offer. There is no wonder why ladies are going crazy over him. He started in the limelight at a young age. We have seen him growing up. We have also seen Justin Beieber’s tattoos increasing by the years. Some of them are extremely meaningful for him while others seem not to make any sense at all.

Justin revealed that the small cross tattoo near his eyes represents his journey and faith with Jesus Christ. It has become a trend since then.

Bieber also tattooed the title of his new album on his abs. He was feeling pretty motivated at that time as he has just released his new album.

The 1975 Roman Numerals tattoo was the birth year of his mother. It was meant to honor and give gratitude to her. Biebs is still the sweet little boy we have come to love.

Bieber also got a crown tattoo near his chest in tribute to one of his greatest musical idols, Michael Jackson.

Justin has always been out and proud of his faith. The huge cross on his upper chest shows a Christian cross as a profession of his faith.

It seems like he couldn’t get enough of the tattoos. He added even more on his chest area. More animals can be seen there.

Justin just couldn’t stop getting more tattoos. He even had more on his arms. Although he has explained the meaning of those tattoos, don’t you think it is too much at this point?

It is quite unclear what the fish scales tattoo meant, but he is a Pisces, so it must have something to do with that.

The compass tattoo was meant to be his guide. He believes in achieving your destination and the compass is a reminder to that.

The 8-ball arm sleeve tattoo was meant for good luck. It is a common tattoo, and Biebs just couldn’t help but to get one too.