Interesting Facts about Honduras – What you need to learn

Banana republic was first to put in application by O. Henry. He was an American writer who had been influenced by the U.S banana companies. This occurred at some time in his life. Basically, Honduras is known for having Spanish as its official language. It was Christopher Columbus who stated that after they left the storm, he was grateful to God that debts were left. Yes, he referred to the Honduras as depths. This is among the interesting facts about Honduras.

In the year 1969, Soccer War transpired. This was considered a conflict involving armies which unfolded as an aftermath of the aggression of the military of the El Salvador. This was taken against that of the Honduras. A soccer match was witnessed on these two countries. The real reason for the aggression was pointed out to the fact that Salvadoran comes with a population pressure.

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Exploring Honduras

There was a time when Honduras were referred to as the Catrachos. This was the case since general Florence Xatruch fought into battle against the then American filibuster, William Walker right in Nicaragua. Caratchos is then the corruption involving the name Xatruch. In the beginning, they meant for it to be understood as here comes the Xatruches. However, during the time it was uttered. It was then grasped at here comes the Catrachos.

Two cities comprise the Honduras capital. These are Comayaguela and Tegucigalpa. The currency of the Honduran is lempira. The name is derived from a particular Indian chief who was responsible in fighting against the conquerors of the Spaniards. He did this to death needless to say. It has always been assumed that the face in the bill, or the image that is, is after the legendary chief Lempira. The contains though have the image of a certain Red Indian who was an American.

Honduras is found in the isthamus. This was known as the aftermath of the colliding of the earlier mentioned lands. If it was not for the Central American isthmus and its existence, it would be the sea current to take directions and that is for sure. Basically, Honduras was in the middle. During those times, the weather in America was not the same. Humans would not be able to revolve the way they did if it was not for this.

In the United States, Soto Cano, a military base was given high importance. This is termed as Palmerola. This contributes to it strategically speaking. There is a strategic position seen around the Honduras. This is a vital step for a drug that originated from South America. Needless to say, Trujilo is perceived as a place where first Mass was celebrated. This was directed towards the Americans. There was a time when the Platano Forest was nominated to be one of the new wonders of the world. Up to date, there is no active volcano found in the place. There is a natural lake though in the presence of Lake Yojoa.

Clara Barton Facts – Her Contribution to History and More

On the 5th of December, 1821, Clara Burton was born. This happened in Oxford, Massachusetts. She turned out to be a teacher. She also worked in the Patent Office of the United States. There was also a time in her life when she served as an independent nurse. This transpired during the Civil War. These are just some of the well-known Clara Burton facts. There are still many note-worthy achievements Burton attained.

She visited Europe. As that happened, she became a part of a particular relief organization. This is dubbed as the International Red Cross. This was also lobbied for an American branch when she was about to go back home. In the year 1881, the American Red Cross was discovered and founded. This was also the point when she served as the very first president of the given organization.

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Clara’s Earlier Days and More

As mentioned above, Clara worked not just a founder, but also a nurse and educator. She did this for the American Red Cross. Clara, when she was born, was given the full name Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She saw the light of the earn on the 25th of December, 1821. This occurred in Massachusetts. During her life, Barton had to spend it in service for other people. Indeed, she was known best for her charity works and undertakings. This was also the period when she initiated the creation of a particular organization. This is meant to be of help to people who need assistance and the like. This is now the popular American Red Cross.

She was used to be a really shy child. She got to find her calling when she tended with David, her brother, right after an accident. With this, Barter found another outlet to his desire. She was just a teenager during these times. At the age of 15, she became a teacher. She even opened a public school situated in New Jersey. This was the time when she had to move to Washington, DC in order to work in the U.S Patent Office. She was perceived as a clerk during these times in that of the mid-1850’s.

As the Civil War took its course, Clara was present to lend a helping hand to soldiers. She did this in her outmost ability. During the start, she distributed and even collected supplies all originating from the Union Army. She was not really contented on just sitting on the sidelines. She would not settle for this. Barton even became an independent nurse. Combat was seen here and it was directed in Fredericksburg in Virginia in the year 1862. She really took care of the soldiers. These were wounded. With all of these endeavors, she was given the nickname “the angel of the battlefield.” This was came up for her work.

The war ended in 1865. This was the instance when Barton had to work in the War Department. She was tasked to help missing soldiers so that they would again be reunited with their families.

When Your Child Has Cancer: How to help families cope in difficult times

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, it can feel like the world has dropped out from under you. Many parents report feeling hopeless and helpless, but there are steps you can take to help you and your child cope with the diagnosis.

Educate Yourself Your child’s oncologist should have pamphlets and booklets explaining your their condition, but these often cover only the basics. Visit your local library and search the Internet for information, including symptoms, treatments and possible complications. If your child is old enough, let them do the research with you. For younger children, provide information in small segments using age-appropriate words. Be warned, however, that sometimes the information you may find is inaccurate or outdated. If this information is questionable or troubling to you, raise it with your child’s doctor.

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Find a local support group There are many online information groups devoted to the myriad childhood cancers. They provide a great deal of information, but tend to pale in comparison to a support group that meets in your area. Local support groups can provide offer hints, help and suggestions, such as rides to doctor’s appointments, parties for children, Mom’s and Dad’s day out for overworked parents, gifts or benefits for well siblings and so forth. Your local hospital or oncologist can provide referrals to local support services your family may qualify for.

Take care of yourself It will be tempting to focus all of your energies on caring for your child, but you will need to keep yourself healthy, too. Eat healthy meals on a regular schedule and get plenty of sleep and exercise. When your child is in the hospital, it is easy to nap in the bedside chair and eat all of you meals from a vending machine, but these things will sap you of energy.

Schedule time for other family members The child who is ill will understandably be the focus of the family, but don’t forget your spouse and any other children. With the increased stress, marriages frequently suffer. Sibling jealousy can rear its head, causing guilt on the part of your well child. Make sure you schedule times for family and friends that don’t revolve around the hospital or therapy treatments. Keeping your lives as normal as possible will make coping with our child’s cancer easier for the whole family.

Treat you child normally It is natural to want to pamper and spoil your child after a diagnosis, but it is important to maintain his daily routine. Let them continue to attend school if he is strong enough, and make sure that he keeps up with any chores that were his responsibility before the diagnosis. Children are perceptive, and if your child feels like he is being singled out for special treatment, he will be more uneasy about his prognosis.